Artis Cibaria history

The history of Artis Cibaria begins in this way . It all starts when Roberto decided to escape his parents butcher's enrolled on catering college .
After school at the age of 14, Roberto starts to dream and wanted to leave. From Dolomites to the crystalline waters of Sardinia he carried various experiences out in the tourist hotels.

During his military service, between a pot and a frying pan, he had the idea to start a business for himself. He realized his dream when he discharged. With the various experiences he realized that the activity more congenial to him was catering and banqueting, but he felt the need to build a means of transport that could solve the problem of catering: for this reason the MOBILE KITCHEN was born since 2000.

Roberto now grown-up and when he had some break time he dedicated himself to social life. One evening he was invited to a dinner and met Barbara, a university student of Political Science. Among them took a liking to each of other and began their love story: together as husband and wife as inseparable partners in their job. In the meantime Laura was born, the little pest of the house, Barbara completed her studies and gained the conviction that she could create a company together: ARTIS CIBARIA.
It is not a name chosen at random, but from the need to convey to their customers the sense of ART OF FOOD.

Artis Cibaria is based on a traditional and authentic cuisine, characterized by the use of raw materials of the highest quality fragrances and flavors that enhance our region: Marche. Roberto and Barbara will be happy to let you taste their specialties wherever you want, thanks to their experience and professionalism combined with the use of modern equipment that allows the creation, in every lovely place, of any plan to catering and banqueting.

And remember THE CUISINE IS AN ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!