The services of Artis Cibaria are provided, according to the strictest standards of hygiene and safety, as regards conditions of work required for the preparation of food.
Artis Cibaria requires chemical and microbiological analysis to ensure the highest standards of food safety and to satisfy the requirements for quality in all operations.

Aware of the fundamental importance of the quality of products and services offered, Artis Cibaria is always continuous search for total quality, keeping and improving through a variety of actions:

  • Systematic and continuous training for staff, to ensure that raw materials are prepared and served according to the strictest European standards of hygiene;
  • Total quality at the base of research and personnel selection
  • The internal and external communication in terms of interactivity along the supply chain;
  • System management, and process control;
  • HACCP methodology with particular reference to the analysis of hazards
  • The plane of the structural and operational prerequisites for the management of safety hazards through preventive measures of hygiene and reduction of risk control.