The main feature of our company is to have a young and modern structure, it prepares meals on-site, with our mobile kitchen. We have all the necessary qualifications asked from the law and we don't give warmed up food. In order to ensure consumer the safety food hygiene, AC s.r.l.., following the Decree 193/07 for several years initiated the HACCP system.

Read the policy document for the quality and food safety

Quality control on our production: Artis Cibaria has specialists in this sector and regularly carries out the following things:

  • Control over raw materials and sampling of raw and cooked foods
  • Microbiological testing on the surfaces of processing equipment and labor used in food processing
  • Preventive controls on food production in accordance with the provisions for HACCP
  • Environmental sanitation (daily)

The training and responsibilities of the employees is one of the most important principles for our company that aims to provide the necessary training to enable them to operate safety, in compliance with the regulations in the field of food safety and security at work to ensure the best possible quality.