Our menu are nearly always based on the cuisine of Marche, because it is so rich in flavor and genuine products. Our menus are always personalized and strictly seasonal.
We cook country, smart, sea and medieval menus tickling guests' eye and palate. It is also important the choice of wines in agreement with the dishes proposed. We also organize wine and food tasting where guests can evaluate our excellent cuisine.

medieval menus

Artis Cibaria, after careful and refined study is able to realize original medieval "banquets" or revised by our chef, who always follow the guide lines of the cuisine of the Middle Ages, trying to rediscover the culinary delights of that time.

seafood menu

The sea is one of our riches! Artis Cibaria offers the seafood menu to those people who love sea taste, in particular the fish of the Adriatic Sea. It is a sea very rich of fish especially anchovies, shrimps, octopus, lobsters, calamari, mussels, clams, polyps, turbots etc...
The selection of our experts at the Fish market wants to characterize our cuisine as simple and good quality, based on the seasonality of the fish.

menu of land

To discover the flavor of the countryside, our society offers this kind of menu full of genuine of our land: SALUMI (cold cuts): our farm follows the tradition of the Marche with the typical PISTA (in this way it's is called the phase of preparation of meats) utilizing the pigs of our countries.
The sausage king of Macerata: CIAUSCOLO is manufactured by us (it is a particular soft salami, that you can spread on a slice of bread. It has the highest percentage of "fat" in the dough), COPPA (it is the result of boiling of the remaining meat and pigskin seasoned with pepper, salt, orange peel, lemon and natural spices, etc…) SALSICCIE (sausages) and many other local delicacies.

gli ingredienti

White meat
Artis Cibaria uses farmyard animals barn: rabbits, ducks, chickens etc… (Artis Cibaria prepares traditional dishes: rabbit in pork, duck ragout, chicken cooked at the maceratese way ecc…)

Red meat
We use only the MARCHIGIANA BREED, whose special nutritional and organoleptic characteristics are particularly appreciated by our customers.

Our company uses meat from pasture raised at high altitude. The race is called Sopravvissana.

It is of our production comes from hand-picked olives and cold pressed, "Piantone of Mogliano". This oil is delicate and balanced, it has a harmonic flavor, it has golden green color. It has a slightly fruity with pleasant herbal notes, combined with hints of apple, tomato and almonds.

Vegetable are rich in taste and color and they are the protagonists of the meal. The best one is OLIVE ALL'ASCOLANA (soft stuffed olives from Ascoli Piceno with meat, parmesan, spices. They are lipped in bread-crumbs and fried) then there are "GOBBI, ARTICHOKES, LENTILS, etc…that our chefs prepare according to their harvesting.

Sparkling wines you'll find in our glasses from our coastal hinterland which it is full of wineyards along the valley or from the heart of our countryside.
Here we produce typical and precious wine: Verdicchio, Vernaccia from Serrapetrona, Rosso Piceno, Maceratino etc..